How to Keep Safe During a Thunderstorm?

How far away is the thunderstorm?

Count the seconds between the flash and the sound of thunder. Every second means 330 meters of distance. With 3 seconds the thunderstorm is approx. 1 kilometer away.

Where can I take shelter?

Go to the nearest enclosed building with a lightening protection. If no active protection huts are nearby then find a hollow, a hollow way or a depression in the area. Squat with feet closed and do not lay your arms around the knees. In the woods you should keep a distance of 3 meters from tree trunks or branches.


  • Close proximity to water (lakes, ponds, etc.)
  • Trees (single trees, groups of trees or edges of the forest)
  • Raised places
  • Fences, golf clubs, bridges, flag poles, etc.
  • Groups of People (groups of people should spread out)

What about my golf clubs an cart?

Golf clubs and Golf carts are made of metal. Therefore, these should on no account be left nearby or taken into an active protection hut.
Keep a distance of at least 30 meters to your equipment during a thunderstorm. You can go back for it when the storm has passed and it is safe.