Die 2. Herrenmannschaft spielt in der Landesliga Nord 7

Landesliga Nord 7 Herren

Turnier Datum Austragungsort
LGV 1. Spieltag 15.05.2022 G&LC Semlin am See
LGV 2. Spieltag 29.05.2022 Hedwigsburg GC Rittergut
LGV 3. Spieltag 12.06.2022 Märkischer GC Potsdam
LGV 4. Spieltag 17.07.2022 Heimspieltag
LGV 5. Spieltag 31.07.2022 GC Gifhorn


2. Herrenmannschaft Deutsche Golf Liga

The 2. Herrenmannschaft hosted the first DGL Spieltag since 2019 on the Südplatz.  The course played extremely tough with swirling winds and thick rough - something we haven’t seen for a number of years.


The tough conditions were reflected by the individual scores but Team Seddin persevered and managed to achieve 2nd place.  In his first outing for Team Seddin, Benedikt Wilding posted our best score, closely followed by the rest of the Team.  Many thanks to Benedikt, Yanic Lucht, Mattheo Steppenbeck, Emaneul Riegelbauer, Florian Kracht, Alexander Kuhne, Pinot Stotko, Douglas Morrice and Paul Biller.